Get Real Campaign: Fraternities & Sororities Take A Stand Against Homophobia

Get Real is a university-student run non-profit that speaks to high school students about unlearning homophobia and embracing everyone. This campaign video was put together by notable members of the Greek community at Western University - the home school where Get Real started. The video aims to subdue stereotypes and stigma involving the Greek-letter communities with homophobia.

My Role

Interviewed and filmed by Get Real telling my own personal story about my sexuality as a brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity +               Organized and cast the involvement of other notable Greek members to be interviewed and filmed +                                                           Marketed the launch and circulation of the video on social media, reaching out to various news site. 

The Process

It was filmed at the University of Western Ontario and features many active members of the Greek community. These young people are making a difference in eliminating homophobia within their social circle. In the video the members share their personal stories surrounding homophobia. Each person shares a story that is very heartwarming and inspiring. Some have had brothers or sisters come out to them, while some have had to come out to their chapters. Either way, the response from the other members of the chapters was nothing less than amazing.

It’s an uplifting video full of laughs and great soundbites all centring around the fact that sexual orientation doesn’t matter. You were chosen to be a part of a sorority or a fraternity because of the person you are, not who you choose to split dessert with or who you grab onto when there’s a battle scene in Game of Thrones.

Because really, who doesn’t need someone to hold onto during that show?

So, the Western Greeks definitely Gets REAL! Do you?

The Result

This campaign video we created to date reached over 30,000 views. The coverage was picked up by notable news outlet from the Huffington Post to Instinct Magazine. Schools throughout Canada and the U.S started to pick up and circulate our campaign video, in which sparked the creation of Get Real branches on these other campuses as well.