Electrolux's #SpacetoBreathe Campaign

Electrolux calls out for better environments for children with asthma with a social media campaign, #SpacetoBreathe. To reach school staff members, sports coaches, librarians, politicians and other policy makers, Electrolux will send out 10 000 straws and information letters with some easy-to-follow steps for those who want to create an asthma-friendly environment. Electrolux invites the general public to decide who should get a straw. 

My Role

Collaborated and designed with Jung Relations and client Electrolux on “#SpaceToBreathe”, an online campaign for cleaner air and asthma awareness using Makers Only content across all social media platforms.

The Process

Integrate #SpacetoBreathe campaign across multiple social media networks covering Facebook advertising, Instagram, Twitter, and Dribbble. Creating a further outreach as well as monitoring and engaging in conversation around asthma awareness and campaign.

The Result

Successfully launched campaign and gained coverage from international press including Adobo Magazine, Fredrikstad Animation Festival and currently over 23.8K plays on Vimeo.

You can check the whole campaign HERE.