iXperience Store

iX apparel is a lifestyle collection where innovation and quality meet the spirit of Cape Town, South. At the crossroads of fashion and premium design, iX apparel is proudly crafted in South Africa, and worn globally by iXperience students.

Innovation. Style. Adventure. On your sleeves. 


My Role

Creative direction of fashion shoot + Photography +                   Design of storefront + Digital Marketing 

The Process 

My mission was to provide iXperience students with the highest premium quality products to make their every move in style. I conceptualized and photographed a fashion shoot (it had to be on the beach to be truly Cape Townian!), uploaded the images onto the online store once I had finished the post-editing process. I designed the the online store and integrated the launch with iXperience's social media campaigns. Once launched, we started selling our apparel!

The Results

The aim of the store was to create a physical embodiment of the iX brand and to get our students excited about their iXperience. The result is a casual yet sleek, laid-back yet adventurous, lifestyle collection that iX students are proud to wear.